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Calandered Beautiness

The aesthetics of a restaurant should not stop just at the dining room.

Whether the kitchen is open or not, it makes an impression if it’s also beautiful to look at (as well as being functional and safe, of course!).

One of the best pieces that we recommend to those looking for a plus on an aesthetic level is the Calandered hood.
Which, despite the name perhaps being a little too mechanical, is a little joy for the eyes!

The name derives from the calender, a tool used in the metalworking industry to give metal sheets a curved shape.

And this is precisely the peculiarity of these hoods: their front part is made of a sheet with a radiused corner. To this detail, here in Aluminox we also add a color that gives the final finishing touch.

The result speaks for itself!

So, if you want to beautify your professional kitchen, you certainly don’t need unnecessary frills.
You can also do it with a functional, highly visible, distinctive tool: just like a coloured calendered hood!

Manufactured by Aluminox, needless to say!

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