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Hoods and Cuboids

Today we talk about the cubic hood.

Ok, it’s not really a cube, but rather a cuboid: a solid figure made up of 6 rectangular faces. Even if there are only 5 here. Obviously… otherwise where would the air come in from?

But let’s leave jokes and geometric sophisms aside, and let’s go back to aspiration!

A cubic extractor hood can be both wall-mounted and central island.

Its sides, made of 1mm thick AISI 304 stainless steel, all have the same height, forming then a box in which the fumes are conveyed more easily. Consequently, those are directed towards the filter battery with the least possible dispersion.

In addition to having a profile that is perhaps simple on an aesthetic level, but which certainly gives an idea of robustness; also its linear geometric shape adapts perfectly to all the equipment present.

But let’s get to the point!

They can be completed with integrated LED module lighting, on-board motor and speed regulator.

The central Cube hoods can also be made in multiple sections, which are side by side back/back, and/or side/side. In short, for this to better adapt to the cooking line, it can be composed as you wish!

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