Marie Antoinette, Queen of France, widow of Louis XVI (executed 9 months earlier), was led to the guillotine by the revolutionary forces.

The queen was a very frivolous person, naive and careless of what was happening outside the court, at least before the Storming of the Bastille.

According to the legend, when she was told that the population had no bread, she replied “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche” (Let them eat cake).

Well, no. She never said that.

That was a sentence mentioned (a few decades earlier) by J.J. Rousseau in his Confessions. More precisely, in a dialogue between a not-specified Princess and her servants. And the Queen’s personality was fitting so well in this anecdote that it was decided to squeeze her in. And, for centuries, people have not felt the need to check the truthfulness of the whole story.

Ok, Sure…. They didn’t have Siri and Wikipedia to rely on. It’s rather us who have no excuse.

Anyway: the Retarder Proofer from Inox Bim is great for making bread, brioches, cakes or any kind of pastry you want! And more… thanks to its remote control, it can be managed and monitored wherever you are!


Ever heard of the Curse of the pharaohs?

It is called so a curse cast upon anyone who “disturbs” the sleep of an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh.

Ok, bear that in mind.

Bread-making was quite a thing back in Ancient Egypt. So important that it used to be depicted on Pharaohs’ tombs.

Like the one of Rameses III, second Pharaoh of the Twentieth Dynasty.

The drawings, dated approximately 1155 BC., depict the process of making bread (in a variety of shapes).

Every step of the process is illustrated: from grain pounding, to dough kneading, and finally baking (the dough was boiled before baked, like today is done for Dumplings or Bagels).

Even two alternatives way of baking are showed:

– using an oven, positioned on a supporting stand (which in many pricelists nowadays is an optional… but Pharaohs go only for premium stuff!)

– using a brick open-top oven (very similar to a modern tandoori clay oven)

So, my point is: Pharaohs might get pissed if you don’t make bread properly. They could take it as a personal offense.

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Bakery in France has always been crucial.

So crucial that in May 1569, King Charles IX signed an ordinance compelling bakers to be “in a costume such that they are always able to work and never to go out, except on Sundays and holidays, as regulated by the statutes ”.

So, basically, they could wear from Monday to Saturday anything else but shirt, boxer, and cap.

They were forbidden to wear coats, hats, and breeches.

Except on Sundays and holidays, when they could wear such clothes, but only “of gray and white colour, under prison sentence“.

This law was conceived to make the “boulangers” identifiable.

According to the Crown, they couldn’t stroll or hang around as any other free citizens. They had way much responsibility: making bread for the population.

The Retard Proofer from Inox Bim, thanks to its program planning function, makes the bakers’ job plannable, hence standardizable and way easier.

And no one is forbidding you to wear trousers using it!

Nor compelling…


The Ancient Greeks did not have only a single word for “time”.

Kronos had the “quantitative” meaning: the time of calendars and hourglasses. Better said, the time that flows in a linear way.

And then there was Kairos, the “qualitative” side of time. The right time to do something, or when something special happens. An appropriate time that can be taken advantage of. Or even created.

The saying “finding the time for…”, for instance, is a good example for “creating the kairos“.

And now, the Inox Bim Retarder Proofers have a new weekly schedule feature, allowing users to plan their week with their programs for proofing.

Make some Kairos in your Kitchen!

(yeah… quite lame as a slogan, i know…)