For our ancestors, climatic conditions were the most fascinating of mysteries. They used to see on a daily basis the meteorological phenomena, they observed the conditions and the consequences, but they were not able to trace their causes. This led them to associate said phenomena with deities. And therefore to imagine the most fascinating epic tales.

Let’s take the Gods of ancient Greece, for example.

These did not live in the otherworldly ether, nor underground, but rather on the top of the highest mountain: Olympus. And it was no coincidence that Zeus, the King of all the Gods, was given the important burden of rewarding or punishing mortals with lightning, rain, and wind. In short, with the climatic conditions that influenced the harvest, pastures, social life, etc …

I would rather not be accused of blasphemy, but with the Inox Bim climatic cabinet you can control humidity, ventilation, and ozone generation (which is produced by lightning) to season your cured meats or cheeses and/or to dry-age your meat.


The Huns were a nomadic people, very inclined to war and pillage.

Their raids caused so many troubles to the Roman Empire and to the other Indoeuropean population that their name in history books is linked to conquer and destruction.

The huns were also great in ageing meat! (Yeah, I know, quite a less impressive skill if comparing, but still useful tho!)

Those nice and friendly barbarians used to place a slab of meat between their bottom and the horse’s back, and then ride around all day long.

The heat created between man and horse would tenderize the meat, making it easier to digest.

The horse’s sweat salted the meat, basically curing it, making it ready to be the main course of a nutritious dinner.

I bet you’re looking forward to giving it a try, right?

Well, if you don’t have a horse, or if you do but maybe you’re not into dry-aging meat with his sweat, you may want to give Inox Bim Climatic Cabinet a chance! Thanks to its features of management of humidity and temperature and the ozone generator, it’s the ideal for dry-aging!


A fisherman was taking a nap in his little fishing boat, when a tourist, finding the scene interesting for his collection of holiday photographs, decided to take a picture of him. Hearing the “click” of the machine, the fisherman woke up. The tourist politely apologized and asked the fisherman why he wasn’t out fishing. “I have already caught enough fish this morning” replied the fisherman. “But this is a great opportunity to fish even more!” the tourist said. The fisherman replied that he was not interested, but that annoying guy insisted “Think about it: you could double, even triple your fishing, going out several times per day!”. And the fisherman: “Yes, but then what?”. “But don’t you understand?” – continued the tourist – “you’d sell more fish, hence you’d make more money that would allow you to hire helpers, with whom you could go out to sea 2/3/4 times a day! You would make a lot of money, allowing you to buy another fishing boat. And then a bigger one. And then maybe a fleet of fishing boats!”. “Yes, but then what?” the fisherman asked still sleepily. “But then he will be filthy rich! And he can stay all day relaxing … maybe by the sea!”. The fisherman looked at the tourist in the eyes and, unperturbed, replied “this is just what I was doing before you came to wake me up!”.

This beautiful story is the synthesis of a short tale by Heinrich Böll, a post-war German novelist: “Anecdote concerning the Lowering of Productivity” (Anekdote zur Senkung der Arbeitsmoral).

But my point is the following: you can dry-age the fish already caught using the Inox Bim climatic cabinet!


Back in the good ol’ days of Ancient Rome, there was this guy, who had a brilliant career both in the Army as well as in the Roman Senate, named Marcus Porcius Cato (who will soon be called “the Elder” by posterity, to distinguish him from his homonymous descendant)

Quite a peevish man tho. He had these very conservative views that led him to see degenerate habits everywhere.

And he also had this great passion for agriculture! During the pauses from the public life, Cato used to spend his days in his properties, farming and raising cattle along with his peasants.

Cato the Elder was also the very first one to write down a recipe for dry-cured meat. In his “De Agri Cultura“, among many other things (the book has 170 chapters) he codified how to dry out, and then salt, pork meat. A complete guide to making the ham wrote almost 2200 years ago!

The rural life must have benefitted the old grumpy fella, who had a child at the venerable age of 80. According to the chronicles of the time, obviously.

Now, I don’t want to sound suspicious, but…

What the hell! Inox Bim has a great range of Climatic Cabinet for seasoning cured meats! And the Weight control feature helps you on monitoring the whole process with the most accuracy!


Charles de Gaulle was one of the most influential statesmen of the XIX century. Besides being a War Hero.

On more than one occasion, “Le Géneral” showed frustration in front of the social, political, and cultural fragmentation that was endemic in France.

“How can anyone govern a nation that has 246 kinds of cheese?” is one of his most memorable quotes in this regard.

Either De Gaulle was awkwardly wrong about this, or the number of type cheese had increased exponentially in the last 50 years. Nowadays, it was estimated there are at least 1200 types of them. Some sources state even 2400!

Anyway… Either you plan to rule a nation with a huge variety of dairy products or not, the Inox Bim Climatic Cabinet, thanks to his digital control, can be used to schedule and standardize the seasoning of your cheese(s).