About me

My name is Giulio and I represent, in different countries of EU, some Italian manufacturing companies dealing with professional catering equipment.

Are you folks proud of your job?
Well, I most definitely am. And I tell you why:
About 2.5 million years ago, the Homo Habilis introduced meat in his diet.
Raw meat, more precisely.
The guys back then spend hours chewing (around half of their days).
With all the hunting, defending the cave and other pre-historical stuff, the days were pretty much a boring routine.
So, what happened then? Later (600.000 years later…) one Homo Erectus deemed as a good idea to put the
raw meat over the fire. Cooking it. That guy was a game changer!

Cooking made eating easier for our ancestors; they needed less energy to digest (the caloric balance was
now higher), and the chewing was way faster. As a result, they could switch their energies to other
So gradually new tools were invented, the hominids started farming and they became sedentary.
Consequently, new communities and rudimental societies made their appearances.
The brain had been getting bigger and more complex over the centuries. The jaws and the teeth shrank.
Soon the Homo Sapiens saw the light.
Ok, maybe not all of that is due to the appearance of cooking appliances.

But maybe a small bit is.
So… you’re welcome, humankind!



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