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Air Extraction Formulas

As much as we may have hated mathematics as children, they always reappear in our daily lives as adults.

Even in restaurant kitchens!

In this case, the formula to calculate the air flow rate of the hoods.

Well, formulas. There are more than one…

Nothing difficult, per se.
We don’t have to bother Gauss or Kepler about it.

But it’s still an important calculation, and it’s best left to the experts.

Also because it does not lead to a certain and univocal value: it is always necessary to refine the results, and consider other variables, which unfortunately are many and different, as we will see.

Precisely for this reason we will not go into specifics.

Every installer has his own method (and we certainly don’t want to bypass them).

And, as I wrote above, there are many, too many, “ifs” and “buts”….

So, let’s instead analyze what parameters you may need to calculate the necessary air flow:

First of all, the volume of the room, be it kitchen or other.

The flow rate can be calculated so that it satisfies said volume multiplied by a number ranging from 5 to 10 times (or… no!)

The perimeter of the hood, i.e. width and depth.

The dimensions of the slots can also be taken into consideration (taking into account the filters…).

And then: capture speed, distance of the hood from the thermal sources, geometry of the hood itself, type of cooking, smoke plume.

And let’s not complicate our lives with disturbing currents

In short, it is better to combine theory with practice.

Use ideal formulas (everyone has their “favorite”), to be smoothed out with empirical observations.

And use a good hood, otherwise doing calculations is just a waste of time!

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