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Eating in company is better. Science’s word!

Eating is also a social activity.
Or perhaps it’d be better to say it is especially a social activity.

The history of communal meals traces back to the origins of humanity.
It was in some sort of prehistoric feasts that bonds were strengthened; and rules of cooperation, hierarchies and the “division of labour” that marked the evolution of societies, were established (I).
In short, the sense of community was strengthened.

Communal eating has practically accompanied us since we were cavemen.
And perhaps it won’t surprise you to know that this still holds true today.

In fact, several scientific studies prove how eating in company have positive effects on social life.

It promotes cooperation when faced with social dilemmas and negotiations (II).

A British study conducted on a stratified sample of 2000 adults from different parts of the country analyzes how dining in company makes diners “feel happier and more satisfied with life, more trusting of others, more engaged with their local communities, and have more friends they can depend on for support” (III).

It has been shown that patients in Acute Neurological Care at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore benefit from having lunch together, both in terms of emotional support, a greater appetite and general well-being (IV).

It may seem a bit odd, but similar food consumption increases trust and cooperation even among strangers (V).

Eating together helps to better acclimatise the freshmen to their first approach to American universities, giving great help to their mental health (VI).

Therefore, there is no doubt that social dining does more than good.

But always remember to choose your guests carefully (when you can): they will influence (even subconsciously) what, how much and how we eat (VII).

All of this proves two things:

– Restaurants, bars and places where you can eat in company are crucial to our civilization.
– Providing professional catering equipment is equally important.

Michael Scott’s words come to mind:

“Am I a hero? I really can’t say. But, yes”.

Yet one more thing: if you run a business in catering or foodservice industry, and you’re interested in my content writing and/or copywriting services, just give me a shout!

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