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Lights and Hoods

The extractor hood brings a side advantage, so to speak, to a restaurant kitchen.

In fact, in addition to their main job (air extraction… and what else?), they can also… illuminate!

Aluminox hoods can, in fact, be equipped with LED lighting systems, in built-in recessed ceiling slots (according to the vast majority of local or national legislation, hoods cannot have loose cables or exposed electrical conduits inside them).

Advantages, we were saying. First of all, because they illuminate the worktop better, making the work of the kitchen staff easier.

Secondly, they also illuminate the areas adjacent to the cooking area, such as the bulkheads, as well as the internal part of the hood and the filters: this allows you to notice if there are residues of grease or anything else that is not “welcome”.

Lastly, they make the kitchen more… beautiful! They highlight the design, make the steel shine, and give a touch of aesthetics to the kitchen which, especially if it is “open kitchen“, captures attention in the details!

Oh, I almost forgot! The LED lighting that Aluminox mounts in its hoods is IP type (an acronym for “Ingress Protection”) type 67: total prevention of the passage of solid bodies (like dust or grease), and guarantee of impermeability in case of vapours, splashes and jets of water.

Or immersions in water at a depth of one meter, for up to 30 minutes.

But let’s hope that remains a remote eventuality!

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